TX Home Gardening

Started April 2020
My first attempt at growing food in my backyard. I started with cantaloupes and watermelons and that did very well. I began modestly with just a small section for a few watermelon plants and another small section for a few cantaloupe plants. I enjoyed it so much that I then got really into it and ended up using 4 cattle panels to build an arch trellis for each section to grow vertically. Then I went even further and started 2 kinds of blackberries, apple trees and raspberries. Next will be some strawberries. Read more…

Apple Trees – Gala and Fuji both using espalier
Blackberries – Natchez
Blackberries – Prime Ark Freedom
Blackberry Plant Propagation – Tip Layering
Cantaloupes – Grow vertically in small space
Cantaloupes – Sugar Kiss
Espalier Apple Tree
Honeydew – Grow vertically along wood fence
Raised Garden Bed Using Cedar Pickets
Raspberries – Caroline Red Raspberry
Trellis – Blackberry
Trellis – Cantaloupe and Watermelon
Watermelons – Grow them on arched trellis