Free Strawberry Plants – Propagate with Runners

Propagate Strawberry Plants with Runners

I have tried planting strawberry seeds and it takes much longer than you may want to wait. I’ve found the easiest way is to get some bare root strawberry plants and then when they send out runners – you can propagate them directly into small containers. Simple and fast!

Free Blackberry Plants with Tip Layering

Free Blackberry Plants with Tip Layering

Propagate your brambles with tip layering so you can share with family and friends. This works easier with trailing varieties, but I have successfully done this with others as well. Take a cane and bring the tip of the plant down into a plastic clear cup. I use the clear cups so you can easily see if roots have started after a few weeks by looking at the bottom. After the roots have been visible for 6 weeks or longer then I will separate from the rest of the cane and you’re all set. Reusing old plastic cups makes it simply to share and give away to those wanting to grow their own blackberries.

How to Serpentine Layer Blackberry Plants

Serpentine Layering Blackberry Plants

Here is a simple way to propagate your brambles with serpentine layering. Trailing varieties are easier for this method – start with a cane that is easily moved to a pot and flexible. Fill the container with soil and bury the middle of the cane in the container. Cover with a rock to keep in place and leave part of the cane visible on the other side. This will allow it to continue growing forward and you will be able to layer it several more times if desired. The most I’ve done on a single cane is 7 layers!