How to install DPM 2019

Installing System Center DPM 2019:
1. Install SSMS

2. Install HyperVPowerShell on your DPM server:
dism.exe /online /Enable-feature /All /FeatureName:Microsoft-Hyper-V /FeatureName:Microsoft-Hyper-V-Management-PowerShell /quiet

3. Install SQL 2017:
A. Database Engine Services.
B. Full Text and Semantic Extractions for Search.

4. Install Reporting Services

5. Configure Report Server:
A. Connect to Server / Instance
B. Database – Change Database – Create a new report server database.
C. Configure Web Service URL
D. Configure Web Portal URL
E. Change Service Account – Network Service

6. Install System Center DPM 2019:
A. Start install and extract all the files
B. Browse to extracted folder and run setup.exe
C. Install – Data Protection Manager
D. Make your SQL choice and instance with credentials – Check and Install
E. Finish and done!