Adding groups to outlook address book

Step 1 – From Outlook – click the 3 horizontal dots on the bottom left of your email client:

Step 2 – Select Folders from your navigation options:

Step 3 – Under public folders, click the arrow/triangle to expand drill
down to Office of the Dean (or wherever your groups are stored).

Step 4 – Right click the group you want to add (in this example Address Book-COS) and then choose Properties.

Step 5 – in the property box that pops up:
A) Click the Outlook Address Book tab.
B) Put a check mark in the box to show in Address Book.
C) Click Apply and then OK.

Step 6 – Repeat Steps 4 and 5 for any other groups you want to add
(In this example Groups, COS).

Step 7 – Repeat Step 5 and place the check mark in the box.

Step 8 – In the bottom left of your outlook client click the mail icon
to return to your regular mail view.

Step 9 – Open a new email and click the To field.

Step 10 – Click the Address Book area and scroll up to see
your newly added groups.

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