SCDPM 2018 install error SQL mgmt tools not installed

How to fix the SCDPM 2018 install error SQL mgmt tools are not installed.  While installing SCDPM 2018 I received an error that the SQL mgmt tools were not installed even though I did install them.  Turns out, SCDPM version 1801 requires a specific version of the SQL mgmt tools or the install will fail.  See the video below for the fix.

DPM recover system drive disk space

How to recover space on your SCCM DPM 2012 server system C drive.

Open file explorer and browse to
C:\Program Files\Microsoft System Center 2012 R2\DPM\DPM\Temp
Here you might see many .errlog files.

You can safely delete these .errlog files but first you need to investigate the most recent ones and take the appropriate actions.  If you need to recover space immediately then copy the most recent few logs to an alternate location and then you delete all of them on the DPM server.