DFSRMIG for Server 2019 Domain Controller error

Server 2019 DC install error – Verification of replica failed. You MUST migrate the specified domain to use DFS replication using the DFSRMIG command.

Quick Migration of FRS to DFSR SYSVOL

1. Test that sysvol is shared and advertising: Dcdiag /e /test:sysvolcheck /test:advertising

2. Migrate to prepared state: Dfsrmig /setglobalstate 1

3. Check DFSRmig progress: Dfsrmig /getmigrationstate

4. If step 3 successful then migrate to Redirected State: Dfsrmig /setglobalstate 2

5. Check DFSRmig progress again: Dfsrmig /getmigrationstate

6. Migrate to eliminated state: Dfsrmig /setglobalstate 3

7. Check DFSRmig progress again: Dfsrmig /getmigrationstate

If successful, then migration is finished and you can retry adding 2019 domain controller. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel!