FWI Error cannot deploy to any of the player machines

Four Winds Interactive digital signage error.

When you make changes to the signage template in the Content Manager Desktop to change a video or other part of the display and receive the following error:

Error “Cannot deploy to any of the player machines. Check your network configuration or machine properties and deploy again”
Status: Player machine not configured.
FWI Error cannot deploy











Login to display connected player (Intel NUC) and open the Content Player Configuration.











Go to the Device tab – Advanced section – add a check mark in the box for “Allow player data to be access as a network share” and then click ok.


In red, you see the warning about opening a network share on the player. This is what allows the content manager desktop deployment manager to access and upload new files to the player.  You will then notice you can see the share that it creates called “Signage” by default.











In case you were wondering where those files being deployed to the signage were at – they are inside the share using the following path: shared folder called “Signage\Channels\(default)\Content”
On the device locally you can browse C:\Users\Public\Documents\Four Winds Interactive\Signage\Channels\(default)\Content

Now you can try to redeploy your updated changes to the signage device from your Content Manager Desktop.