How to setup password reset website Server 2012

If you want to have a password reset website for your users but don’t want to purchase a 3rd party solution – you can still do this using Microsoft 2012 Server.

How to setup a password reset website using Server 2012 RD Web

Choose a server to install this role. For my environment, I chose to use the print server.

1. Install RD Web Access from the Remote Desktop Services. Remote desktop to your server (I’m installing this on my print server) and open Server Manager.  Add Roles and Features – Next – Remote Desktop Services installation – Next.

2. Choose Standard deployment – Next.
Choose Session-based desktop deployment – Next.
On Role Services – Choose Next.

3. On Specify RD Connection Broker server – select your server – add it and choose Next.

4. On Specify RD Web Access server – Place a checkmark in the Install the RD Web Access role service and click Next.

5. On Specify RD Session Host servers – select your server – add it and choose Next.

6. Confirm your selections – place check mark in Restart the server and click Deploy.


7. When the server finishes restarting – Launch Server Manager and wait for it to complete. Once it completes, you will see a pop up regarding licensing mode.


In my experience, as long as you do not install the RD Licensing then the RD password reset website that we are going to configure next will continue to work after the 119 days.

Setting up the website and related configurations for domain password reset

8. Launch Server Manager – Tools – IIS Manager
Expand Sites – Default Website – RDWeb – Pages – then in the middle pane – open Application Settings.

9. Double click PasswordChangeEnabled and switch the value to true and click OK.

Now your Password reset website is enabled and you can test it by going to this address on your server:

When someone needs to change their password I now send them this link and they can do it remotely.