Install Server 2016 Domain Controller

From Server Manager – click Manage – Add Roles and Features.
Click Next and Next on Select installation type for Role-based installation.
Select the server you want to install your first domain controller – click next.  Place a check in Active Directory Domain Services.
Click Add Features on the box that pops up for ADDS.









Click Next – Next on Features page.
Click Next on AD DS.
Review the settings on the Confirmation Page and place a check mark in the Restart automatically box and then click Install.

Wait for installation to complete and then click close.  Return to Server Manager and click the yellow triangle with the exclamation mark.

In Post-deployment Configuration – click Promote this server to a domain controller.






Make your choice in deployment operation, type your desired root domain ( and click Next.

Domain Controller Options – choose your forest and domain functional level.  In this example, I am going with Windows Server 2016 because I don’t need to add any older DCs.  Specify domain controller capabilities – Select DNS and GC is already added if this is your first DC.  Choose and enter a DSRM password and click Next.

Additional Options – Leave default or change the NetBIOS name if necessary and click Next.

Verify and click Next on the Paths page.  Review your options and click Next.  Prerequisites Check – review the results and click Install.