SCCM C drive full

SCCM server C drive almost full? 
If you log in to your SCCM server and one day see that your C drive is almost full then you have several places to check.  Could be your SQL logs or your inetpub logs.   In this case it was the inetpub logs.

Check your inetpub logs: 
Browse to C:\inetpub\logs\LogFiles.

In my environment, when I first right clicked the log files folder and looked at the properties – it showed no disk space being used.  This almost had me moving on to check another possible location.  This is deceiving as there should be some space being used.  Once I double clicked to open the actual folder it then prompted for permission and afterward I could see the true amount of disk space being used.

Here I had about 20 gigs of space being used up on my SCCM server C drive.  You can archive the log files to another location incase you need to review them later or remove them if they are no longer necessary.  I arranged by date, and deleted all the log files older then 3 months which allowed me to recover almost 20 gigs of space for my C drive.