Four Winds Interactive – Change Content

Remote Desktop to the machine running the Content Manager Desktop and log in.  Click Start and type “file explorer” and open File Explorer to browse to the content directory.

Expand This PC – Local Disk (C) – content (this folder contains the current display content).

Copy and paste the new content file (PowerPoint, video or other) into the content folder.

Remove and Add content to the Content Manager
Click Start and scroll to Four Winds Interactive – Content Manager Desktop – open.

Once the Content Manager Desktop opens you can now add content.
First, import new content from C:\content into the Content Manager.
For example, click PowerPoint on the left to import a new PowerPoint.

In the box that pops up enter in a Name and Description.

In the URL section – click the box with the 3 dots in it to browse to your newly added file in the c:\content directory. Select the file and click open.

Put a check mark in the Loop content box under URL and click OK.

Now the PowerPoint file you added is in the Content Manager Content tab middle bottom left. Click the location of your Digital Signage player (example 4th Floor Blocker Bldg) and expand down to section that has the place you want to change content (example Side Top 16:9).

Select and then right click the file you want to change and click remove.

Now within the Content Tab – select the new file you want to add and drag and drop it back in that same Side Top 16:9 location.

Deploy the new content
Right click the computer that corresponds with the changes you made and choose Deploy.

Click Save Changes and it will update and deploy the new content.

Close all programs and right click the start menu and choose sign out.